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Thursday, June 03, 2010

I smell of campfires...

Where to even start? So much happened today and boy, I'm tired.

So, me and all of the bio students went out to a rock shore to study the aquatic life there. Things like periwinkles, dog whelks, crabs, seaweed etc. There was quite a lot of info we had to collect. But, around noon we had basically finished, so we went back to the top of the shore where people had some campfires going. Of course, I remembered to take marshmallows :) But, downwind of my group's fire was another group's so we got a fair amount of smoke blown right at us. Now I reek of smoke from all the campfire's.
Aside from that, it was fun :D

That's just the short version, it'd take forever to write out everything, and I'm too tired to anyways. I ended up sleeping for around 45 minutes when I got home, so now I feel better. But, I'll still sleep like a log tonight :D
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures because I didn't take the camera because I didn't want to destory it @__@

I'm tired still, but I've got work to do for tomorrow, so I'll take my leave here.
Good thing tomorrow is Friday! Weekend~ Not to mention that I might be going out tomorrow night to play some laser tag >:D It's been years since I last did it, so it'll be tonnes of fun!!


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