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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


You never really realize how much you use your thumbs until you can't use them....
I was washing up all the dishes and everything after lunch, and I was washing the knife and as my luck would have it, I was using a fair amount of force because food was dried onto it and the sponge slipped, and then the knife cut my thumb ;__;
It cut pretty deep as well....
I'm just surprised that I didn't faint. Shock makes me faint. Like the time me and my dad were playing basketball and he passed me the ball and it ever so slightly hit my finger inward (like into the joint) and I got dizzy, went inside, and fainted and just so happened to land on my cat. That's how I got the scar down my left cheek. I very nearly got clawed in the eye. Good thing I didn't!
I'm not looking forward to my shower later tonight... it's gonna be sting galore!


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