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Friday, June 18, 2010


Hooray for the weekend! I've already done 2/4 of my exams; I'm half way there~
On Thursday, I had my history "test". To be honest, it wasn't really a test and it wasn't really an exam. It was way too long to be considered a test but it wasn't an exam because it didn't cover everything that I had learnt over the semester....
I managed to finish and hand in the exam around 8 seconds before the announcement came on signifying the end of the compulsory 2 hour time period. I think my weak point in the exam was Rome. I got most of it covered except for a matching section which was filled with names that I don't ever remember being mentioned in class, but whatever, I'm just glad that history is over. It was by far the most boring class. I actually quite like history it's just that the teachers make it boring.
Today, I had my English exam. It was LONG. Holy crap, it was like 15 pages long, most of them being essay questions. I was writing for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Me and my friend were the last ones in the classroom, but, then again, in the class, both of us write the most. By the last question, I had no idea what I was even writing, my hand was just moving and creating words.... I guess that isn't a great thing ^^;;
Anyways, it's done and over with. On Monday I have to do a frog dissection for bio, and then Tuesday I have a science test, but I know all my stuff, so no worries there :D


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