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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Speared through the jaw....

So, school today was pretty normal....
Learned some new stuff in ancient history about the Greek gods and goddesses. But, what I didn't understand about history class today, was why the heck our history teacher showed us a random video of a matador getting speared through his jaw and out his mouth by a bull during a bull fight @__@ Just watching the video makes my jaw feel funny... That was really about it for anything of significance.

Aside from that, I'm so excited! Why? Because there's only 16 school days left until exams, then 2 more days after that, then SUMMER HOLIDAYS~
What's not to be excited about?! (Well, excluding exams...)
Not to mention, me and my family are trying to move, somewhere closer to Halifax. Where we are, there isn't really much opportunity for work or activities that ascertain to me and my family's interests.
Sure, moving won't be easy. Well, physical, it's simple but mentally and emotionally it's always harder. But, for me, this move won't be hard. Definitely not as challenging as moving countries. But, even so, the move from Scotland to Canada wasn't that challenging. The only things that I will really miss will be my friends and the classes I signed up for next year at school.
But, life goes on. Old friends, new friends; they all come and go. The question is finding the ones worth keeping in contact with :)


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